Stress of Modern life……



The seasons keep changing, the sun keep rising and the life keeps going. That is the beauty of our world, where beautiful things happen daily beyond our knowledge and we don’t seem to appreciate them.

All we do is complain, we complain about what we don’t have, we complain that we need more space, we need a bigger house, we  need more money, we need good schools …..all those needs that are imposed by a greedy society who makes us always want more, therefore complain more, and that means work more and all that  in order to have what we wanted, but once we have it; we will still want more……greed is part of our nature but in this scenario our nature has been very well exploited by  the advertisers and the media.

They make us feel unhappy by what we have, and sell us the fantasy of short happiness if we buy more, and unfortunately this vicious circle is grained in our unconscious since birth in the 21st century.

Saying that I am as a victim as everyone else as I want a bigger space than one bedroom flat in East London, I want my daughter to have her own room and better education than what this part of the world can offer. So I am not writing this to say that I am a saint, but in contrary, I am wtiting this about  how we are all victims of wanting more. I am so struggling with the idea that I cannot provide enough for my daughter that I am getting epileptic fits due to the stress level  that I put upon myself.

So instead of being a good parent by my standards and not the society standards, instead of thinking positive and that my daughter is lucky to have a home and parents who will do their best for her wellbeing I rather stress and have fits about it.

So the question now is what to do? How to change my thoughts about this need of more…..I don’t consider myself a materialistic person, but I am generally happy with what I have, and that has changed since I became a mother. So it is natural behavior or not?

If it is up to me and my husband we are happy to carry on living in one bedroom flat if we don’t have Maya, and if it is up to him he can live here with Maya, but it is me who wants more for her, so is that greed or being a provider?

Please let me know your thoughts?






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