are brits racist?

grown_in_britain_logoAre the Brits racist?

I am writing this as being an immigrant who have lived half of my life in the UK. And in my entire existence in the UK, I can easily say  I met only two people that I can count as racist, I think that is a such small number to even take into account.

So I had very little experience of that feeling, but since Brexit there was a talk of racism in the UK, which I have not seen or felt yet. There was tension at one stage that is unquestionable? but I think that is very normal as everyone was in shock and  even to the leavers in my opinion. But now over six months later I live in a confusion. Have the Brits always had that feeling but they hid it so well?

Reason why I am saying that, as I am aware of the fact that t is very famous in the British culture to be politically correct, and the culture as being a fascinating subject for me, I have managed to learn a lot from the British culture, but they will not say what exactly they mean in racist situations, as afraid of offending someone.

Sometimes it can be good thing for sure, and sometimes it is confusing if you are from a different culture as myself. And my question today, is the people who I know (and of course I met some wonderful friends) can some of them be just politically correct? And deep inside do they really want the UK with no foreigners?

Saying that, I have to mention that I lived in the most liberal cities in the UK, Brighton and London. One being the gay capital of the country, so it is all about peace and love,  and the other one is all about Cosmo policy culture; as the amount of non-Brits that live in this city is the majority. So I am not sure I can judge a country just by those facts, so how you get to know the non-liberal cities attitudes towards racism?



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