Prejudice has a very negative connotation, and that is for a very good reason, there is   nothing positive about having a preconceived opinion that is not based on a  reason , however prejudice changes from situation to situation, from country to country and from generation to generation.

The fact that being homophobic is seen as narrow-minded in the  21st century ; especially in few countries in the western world, although that  was not reality neither normality few centuries ago.

so that brings me to my point having a prejudice keeps changing  with the time and the space, so being born in a country with a certain culture, education, religion and values will make a person with a certain prejudice , and as long as this person gets educated through books travel or the mysteries of life, this person may change their mind about certain prejudices they had ; though  the issue here is that  they may start having a prejudice against whoever still believes in their old believes, so gaining a new believes is great but do not judge someone  just as they didn’t get to that outcome yet.

So instead of judging the narrow-minded people who still think being racist,sexist or homophobic is bad, we should stop being  still ignorant and have just changed camps from one to side to another.

My opinion  here, we  should learn how to accept differences, these people may learn one day as well as you did, give them a chance and an education.


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